We have a Basic and Advanced subscription plan. Have a look at what each plan can do for you.

Functionality BASIC ADVANCED
Class/event configuration
Create class/event with and without a dynamic (changing) QR code
Create class/event with date, time and class title fields
Create class/event with trainer email, description note, venue and site fields
Create class/event with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points
Create class/event with prepopulated fields for quick and consistent set up of sessions
Search and reporting
Search for class/event by date period and keyword
Search for class/event by title and site
View number of attendees by class/event on dashbaord
Email class register in Excel format
Search and export all attendance records by date period, class title and site
Search by attendee and drill down to attendance records
Additional Organiser/trainer functionality
Organiser/trainer can manually record attendance
Automatic email sent to Organiser/trainer with class register
Ability for Organiser/trainer to record Competency achievement, in addition to attendance
Add Organiser/trainer notes for individual attendee
Additional fields captured
Capture and report on 3 basic attendee fields (first name, last name, email address)
Capture and report on unlimited additional HR fields e.g. Employee number, Position title, Department etc.
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